”All that is not proven in court, is supposed to be non-existent”
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Prognoza METEO Craiova, Romania
      The Lawyer Civil Corporation “Calinoiu and Associates” is a young lawyer court on the juridical consultancy market from Romania.
      Our crew is dynamic, effective, which is based on a good juridical training, a wealthy general culture and a broad life experience.
      The solid knowledges accumulated in various arieas , give our clients the safety fact that the law problems which they are confronting with, will be analyzed and treated with a best earnestness, without errors and confunsions , contributing to their briskly solution.
      The collaboration contracts with various private organizations involved in the accomplishment justice process, make that the services offered to our clients to be complete and of a highest quality.
      A concentrated relation with us it will assure you the guarantee that the potential problems will be preventive and the appeared problems will be solved
      Thorugh the accumulated, we can help our clients to keep off long term and expensive litigations, advising them in solving this amiably.
      We offer strategic consultance and performing to the clients from the privat district from Romania or abroad but also the public district too.
      What offers our corporation extra than others? Professionalism, earnestness, guarantee, quality, our loyalty for the work excellence, dedication, mutual trust, juridical services of highest professional and moral quality. The list could go on.
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